A prayer of the wood A tree that craves light A crescent and the electric tower A butterfly getting stained eternal time the bamboo getting rain-soaked in rainwat... The breath of the river The thrown rocks in the sea at dusk the calmness of the flower The light parted The enlightenment of the trees The light and the door opened A perfect time, cloud and the rock The sun over a royal tomb The remote sea 배 하나 아득한 강에 걸려 있고 가을 비에 젖은 낙엽 저녁 어스름과 맥문동 A Glimpse of Enlightenment Waiting for eternity 참 봄은 이렇듯 은밀하게 밀려 드는데 when cherry blossom petals fall A message from eternity 11
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